Pill Remover Power

A few months ago, after a bit of research, I bought a pill remover (at least I think that is what it’s called) online to revamp my old sweaters and other clothing items that were old and covered with “pills”. Getting pills on sweaters and other articles of clothing is bound to happen as they age and the fibers break down. The fibers break down. Apparently the fibers of sweaters are more likely to gain pills because of how loose and thin they are. 

Anyway, yes, I got one. And because I was lazy, I didn’t actually get to use it for a long time because I never put batteries in it. Well yipee I just put batteries in it last week and got to try it for the first time on an old black cardigan of mine. The loud shaver sound was a little scary but I got used to it and got to work. It was crazy how transformative it was! The parts I had shaved looked brand new. I  think in the future though, I might want to make sure to do it on a flatter surface because I mayhave nicked it in a few spots, oops.

After this little dabble in that, I wanted to know why these pills form in the first place and if they could be avoided. Since shaving the material every time might just leave me with very thin material. After consulting google, here were some of the reasons that came up. While some pilling is unavoidable from just wearing the clothing, a lot of it can actually come from how you are handling your clothing in the washing machine and dryer. 

In order to prevent pilling in the washing machine you must:

  1. turning garments inside out and fastening zippers, buttons and hooks
  2. sort clothes according to color and fabric type to help keep heavier fabrics from damaging lighter ones in the wash
  3. cold water wash using the gentlest cycle possible, or even hand wash your clothes
  4. make sure the washing machine isn’t overloaded
  5. consider using fabric softener to help protect clothing fibers
  6. use a gentle, low heat dryer cycle or hang up your clothes to air dry

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