A Unconventional Prom

Prom this year was very different from previous years. Instead of an expensive venue, we had it out on our football field. And dancing was prohibited. These facts alone make it sound very lame and miserable, but it ended up being a very fun day. Our school rented out bouncy houses, a mechanical bull (which I did surprisingly well on after changing into jeans), obstacles courses, and food trucks! 

The week leading up to Prom, I was in shambles, stressed about school work, random performances, and of course, finding a dress. When I expressed my dress-related panic to another classmate of mine, I was met with a simple supposed-to-be-reassuring answer of “Oh I’m sure you’ll find one at the mall, there’s so many options there!” This was not extremely helpful since I had already vowed to myself that I would find a second hand dress. No way was I going to spend a ton of money on a dress that I would only wear for one night, which would also get muddy on the football field. So that weekend, I set out to find a dress with my best friend at the local thrift stores. It started going downhill once I realized that the store I was set on getting my dress from ended up being closed. In that store they have a whole room stuffed with cool vintage dresses. But since it was closed, I was forced to try my luck with the normal Goodwill and Salvation Army. Once walking into the Salvation Army store, we beelined straight for the formal dress racks and got to work flipping through them. Within seconds, my friend found this navy blue rinessy dream of a dress that was sleeveless and had embroidered details at the front. We then went to the dressing room and it fit perfectly!

At prom itself, I saw a ton of other students wearing thrifted and vintage dresses. Because thrifting has become more popular for teens ( as a way to both get cheap unique clothes and help the environment) prom has evolved to show that change.

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